Powering the Next-Generation of Innovative Medicines

Materia’s metathesis platform gives medicinal and process chemists practical and innovative tools to synthesize diverse and complex bioactive compounds.

Expanding Chemical Space Beyond Two Dimensions

To expand the number of druggable proteins, metathesis can synthesize new scaffolds to enable access to high value drug targets outside the chemical space previously inaccessible via traditional approaches.

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Macrocyclic Compounds: Oral Bioavailability Beyond Rule-of-5 Space

As medicinal chemists venture into uncharted chemical territory in pursuit of molecules capable of modulating new targets, physical and pharmacokinetic properties like solubility, cell permeability, and metabolic stability become more difficult to predict and control.

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Find the Optimal Catalyst for Your Application

Grubbs Catalyst® Products are used worldwide in the synthesis of novel drug candidates and active pharmaceutical ingredients. Discover why your colleagues are using Materia’s ruthenium catalysts to discover the next pharmaceutical breakthrough.

Efficiently synthesize novel drug-like molecules, with significant 3D-character.

Industry-validated in a number of commercially marketed pharmaceuticals.

Active in the presence of coordinating functional groups including amines, alcohols, amides, and esters.

Simple and transferable access to IP included in price of the catalysts.

Stable to handling in non-inert conditions for convenience and ease of use.

Available and in-stock at multi-kilogram quantities. Rapidly move from lab to pilot scale.

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Case Study
Cathepsin K Inhibitor Relacitib
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This case study illustrates the potential improvement that a process development team might achieve by optimizing a metathesis reaction.

Case Study
NK1 Receptor Antagonist Rolapitant
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This case study demonstrates the potential for olefin metathesis to open up more efficient and scalable routes to a given API or drug candidate.

Need to get up to speed with olefin metathesis?

We're constantly broadening the accessibility of olefin metathesis to synthetic chemists. Download our set of guides from our Metathesis Resource Center to help you get started.

Ready to start scaling metathesis? Materia’s scientists can take your project from lab to commercial scale.

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